brief 1 research

I have been researching 60s spy posters, graphic art and cold war photography and have created a collage of my favourite pieces. Looking past the surplus of scantily clad females, and dapper looking men in suits, I noticed some inspiring themes in geometrics, color and the iconographic eye.

What I am inspired by:

I noticed a strong reference to geometric shapes, especially circles, spirals (radial symmetry) and regular rhythm lines. These symmetrical geometric shapes suggest eyes, venetian blinds and mystery, accentuating the spying theme. I want to create something beguiling out of symmetrical geometric images, to lure the gaze into my image.

I also noticed a lot of colour blocking, with just 2-3 colours, this makes for a visually coherent balanced image. It does strip the image of it’s realism, turning it more into a graphic piece, so I am not sure I want to mimic this. I love the 60s aesthetic of overlaying a black and white photograph with one color. If I replicate this I want it to look authentic, not garish and obviously manipulated.

I also looked at the photography of Herbert Bayer, as he superimposes eyes over the landscape, creating a sense of paranoia. I like the roughness to the superimposition, although I would need to prove that I was doing it on purpose, otherwise it will look like I am just really bad at photoshop. 


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