work in progress

The following are very basic concept sketches …
Concept 1:

concept 1NOTES:
An eye peering through venetian blinds in the pacific. The venetian blinds will be integrated into longitude and latitude lines made up of wires + NO8 wires (synonymous with Kiwi ingenuity). Need to take a picture of: an eye, venetian blinds, wires + a globe. I will need to do a lot of cloning + warping of the globe to make the pacific take up the entire space.

Concept 2:
concept 2NOTES: Buzzy bees (iconically kiwi, and synonymous with nostalgia) carrying out surveillance over the Pacific. I would need to take various pictures of buzzy bees and different angles, then warp and resize them. The surveillance grid would be made out of No.8 wires. Take pictures of: Buzzy Bee, No8. Wire + other wires, globe.  I may place the globe in a minimal domestic setting (something from a Frankie or Kinship magazine) to drive home the idea of an insidious underbelly on the home front.

Concept 3:
concept 3

NOTES: A shadowy face, emphasis on the eyes peering through Venetian blinds that will slowly transform into Palm leaves. Need to work on the NZ aspect. I like the idea of turning the Iron Curtain into the Palm Curtain of spying. Photos that need to be taken are Palm leaves, Venetian blinds with eyes staring through. I want to create a noir inspired, perhaps chiaroscuro design. Will integrate some 60s spy design into it.

Concept 4:

concept 4NOTES: A figure (perhaps in a business suit) standing on NZ, casts a net (made up of a network of wires, including the No. 8) over the Pacific. I will need to do a lot of cloning + warping of the globe to make the pacific take up the entire space.

Concept 5:

concept 5
NOTES: A buzzy bee with an eye on its underbelly, spies on the Pacific. The Buzzy Bee, being synonymous with nostalgia and innocence is transformed into something malign, in a sense it is also NZ political transformation. Will create data lines from No.8 wire. Will need photos of a buzzy bee, an eye, a globe and No.8 wire.



  1. I like the idea of the eyes peering behind blinds and having them slowly transform into palm tree’s too. The venetian blinds remind me of typical film noir conventions. I think the use of one eye might allude to conspiracy theories (but i suppose it depends who the eye belongs to).


  2. Interesting! I like the fact that you’ll try and play with giving you image a 60’s look, and I think your subject is super cool! And you concepts are all really good I think. I think concept 4 and 5 are most interesting. What would happen if the man in concept 4 is shadowing the pacific islands with a net that has the shape of NZ? Maybe it could help illusrate your articles message.
    Good luck with the rest!


  3. I love your concept thumbnails! especially the fifth one, I think it says a lot and I love the classic kiwi symbolism. I can’t see much to critique apart from maybe be aware of the difficulty of the images, which appears to be a trending theme amongst most of us in class. Other than that, looks great!


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