brief 1 research

I have been researching colour to help me with the decision to either 1. take inspiration from the original colours of the objects i.e buzzy bee (which would be primary colours) or 2. alter the colours to convey a particular tone or mood. If I alter the colours of the buzzy bee I would be destroying the iconic nature of it, yet I am not a huge fan of bright primary colours. I will experiment with desaturating and adding grain to the image. The red of the bee on the other hand evokes ‘danger’ and commands attention which is what I want. I like the use of analogous colour schemes in design or using subtle variations in tone, shade and tint (which is common in a lot 60s spy posters).

I found a tutorial on how to use selective colour to create a ’60s’ style image that I will probably play with.

I also had a play with Adobe Colour CC, which helps you through all the colour rules.

I found a website called colorhunter, where you can upload a photo and it will give you the color palettes, which will help integrate the rest of the images.


One thought on “COLOUR MY WORLD

  1. I think altering the colours of the iconic buzzy bee is a great idea! Regardless of colour, I think you would still be able to acknowledge where the buzzy bee has come from and it’s history. Perhaps by altering the colours it will draw more attention to your desired idea. People could ask “why is the buzzy bee the wrong colours”…oh that’s why. Great idea 🙂


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