brief 1 research

For my piece I want to cast a shadow of the one of the buzzy bees over the Pacific. My purpose for this is to engender an ominous dread from an otherwise chipper toy and also to create depth in my image. I have read that creating realistic shadows are rather difficult, due to the various elements of inconsistencies in the shadow. I researched a few tutorials on creating shadows and finally came across this article about the benefits of a ‘cast’ shadow over the decorative ‘drop shadow’ which will allow me to distort the shadow of the buzzy bee around the spherical shape of the Globe. The tutorial also instructed us to experiment with  casting shadows, to see the direction, shape and size of the shadow. See my experiment below.



One thought on “SHADOW OF A DOUBT

  1. I really like the attention to detail e.g the use of shadows. I suppose one thing to consider if hadn’t done so yet was the light source. Just being consistent not just with the shadow but the light is emitted on the globe as well 🙂


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