brief 1 research

Since I am appropriating a couple kiwi icons (the buzzy bee and no8. wire), in order to subvert ideologies of Godzone, and to blow the whistle on its sinister underbelly I thought it would be good to do some research on these icons.

Buzzy Bee

The Buzzy Bee
Hailed as New Zealand’s most iconic toy, and embroiled in myths of kiwi inventiveness, this unsuspecting toy actually was appropriated from an American design in the 1950s. The eyes of the buzzy bee can then represent the partnership of two of the ‘Five Eyes’–New Zealand and the U.S.A. It will be fun subverting the unsullied.

No 8. Wire
The No 8. Wire was a popular wire used on farm fences, the backbone of ‘fortress New Zealand.’ It was also used as a practical accompaniment to ‘she’ll be right,’ as the kiwi bloke used it to quickly fix problems in fencing etc.  It is synonymous with ‘kiwi ingenuity’ a mentality still ruled by the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ aka exceptionality on a leash. There are claims that one is able to ‘do anything with No. 8 Wire,’ well I would like to use it to suggest spying ‘tapping into wires’ and using that mentality to fix the bridge between us and the superpowers.


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