“I really like that you are experimenting with textures, it will create a engrossing depth to your piece. I guess you just need to be wary about the type of graffiti you choose, considering there are those moth-eaten, conservative individuals that consider ‘street art/graffiti’ to be vandalism. I found this great quote from a book on street art in East Timor, “Street art is the powerful annunciation of emotion in what common space exists for a population restricted by physical and emotional borders”.

Wow, it looks like you have put a lot of thought into how you are going to transform the theme of the article into a powerful image. I really like the simplicity and creativity of your idea, it will translate to a very commanding image. Just a few suggestions 1. Make sure the currency is recognizable as NZ dollars, perhaps the currency needs to be prominent in the foreground 2. The viewer could possibly misconstrue the wrapped present as a Christmas or Birthday gift, rather than online goods.

Shani, I like that you are pulling inspiration from some very powerful imagery associated with activism, it means your viewer will respond strongly to the intertextual references. I guess the only thing is to ensure that the final image doesn’t completely appropriate what already exists and that it doesn’t stifle your originality. I am excited to see how your inspiration manifests itself in the final image.

I can see your communication objective coming across strongly in the visual imagery you have chosen. I recommend concentrating on making your image cohesive, as it is quite busy. Have you experimented with just having imagery inside the bubble?

I agree with you, the third example seems to evoke a sense of silencing, while the first two scream ‘serial killer.’ The third image is also reminiscent of a gate or fence, which ties into how gaming communities are inclusive, and can become gated communities that exclude others. I guess the only challenge is making it photo real. Can”t wait to see the final product.


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