Chosen Process

Work In Progress

I am going to be looking at the process of mourning the death of someone + the process of preparing a funeral , while simultaneously the  process the dead body goes through in the funeral home, culminating in the funeral. I may also look at the process of decomposition the body goes through once it is in the ground. I like the idea of two processes occurring simultaneously concluding with an event that brings the two together. I am also slightly fascinated with the process of death, a reality that cannot be fully grasped, except through the livings imagination.


3 thoughts on “Chosen Process

  1. This is a topic I am not surprised you have choosen. A good and dramatic topic! And it’s important to choose a topic that you like, so I think its a very good topic and I belive theres a lot of good pictures and icons you can use to communicate about the topic.


  2. This will be a very fascinating topic to try and visually represent, and I’m really looking forward to how you’ll end up doing it. Just as a side note because you have chosen quite a few information processes, I think it’s important to choose the importance of your processes – allocating the most space on your infographic to the most important process/information will be really good and improve readability.


  3. This is such an interesting topic I never would have thought of. Is your infographic going to be largely text based or with icons? As you have probably already considered, it is a good idea to treat the subject sensitively. However, your delivery sounds quite factual despite looking at conceptual human emotion. I think the idea of mourning is a really interesting point of view to consider, look forward to seeing what you come up with 🙂


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