Work In Progress


Going through the process of trying to create my initial process has been quite the harrowing exercise, it is just too darn complicated to express psychological states, decomposing bodies etc and also the subject matter is way too grim (even for myself). I have decided instead to look at one of Houdini’s ‘escape or die’ tricks-the ‘Chinese Water Torture Cell’.  I will show the process of this escapology but will include information as in costume, props, stage construction, timing, water levels, oxygen levels, the personality of a escapologist, psychology of performing these feats etc. I will collate all the information out there about ‘how he did it’, to reveal the tricks of the man behind the curtain.


2 thoughts on “CHANGE OF MIND aka NEW PROCESS

  1. Looking forward to how your new idea/process will turn out! This new idea sounds a lot more easy to handle, especially in visual terms.


  2. I really liked your last idea but definitely understand the change of mind. Your new idea sounds like it can be communicated in an infographics really effectively. You could express the escape as a pictorial diagram or flow chart and potentially use some statistics in graphs.


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