I love the minimalism of the two-toned icons, grey on cream is a very pleasing combo. I’m just noticing a bit of variance in the icons sizes, and the space around the icons, perhaps this is the look you want but for more consistency perhaps look at the empty space around them. I have no idea what game you are alluding too, but the communication is so clear, I can understand it. Zombies 4EVA.

Alisha Lovrich VisCom

I love the minimal clean aesthetic of your icons, and that when you look closer you can see the subtle complexities of the iconography. I also love how clear they are, like I am not baffled at all and I don’t really know anything about wine. I would suggest maybe playing with different colours for the icons before deciding on something, although perhaps you have already done this.


I love how much information you have put into this infographic. I also like that you kept the background and map as a neutral colour, this allows the information to stand out without clashing. Just wondering about the specific paths, why some of the titles are larger than the others, is this because some are more popular paths? I would try keeping all the titles at a similar size + the Portugese path title is perhaps a little far from the actual path. Looks so good, I love maps.


I think as a framework this works really well, it’s clean, the colours compliment each other and it’s easy to read. Pay close attention to the spacing and the proportions, especially on the vectors in the first column. I think you need to add more dynamism to the piece also, you can achieve this through the typography and detailing of the vectors. Look forward to seeing the final product.


Wow, this sounds like an amazing project. I like how you are methodically working through integrating various processes +information into your infographics. In particular I am looking forward to seeing how you visually communicate the evolution of the fungus. Zombie’s are a great topic as there is a surplus of pop-culture out there to inspire color, semiotics, graphics, style etc, that are visually recognizable.

If your infographics are inspired by a game I just wonder what the copyright issues are around it. It could be quite cool to see a comparison between two types of Zombies, and the processes involved in each e.g a 90s game zombie compared to a 00s game zombie or a Haitian folklore zombie compared to a game zombie, so it would also be a process of zombie transformation over time. Ignore what I just said, I suddenly got all excited over Zombies and got carried away 😉 I look forward to seeing your progress.


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