work in progress

Below is a rough outline of my design. I need to work on integrating an eye into the camera and possibly incorporating a sheet of beeswax into the globe. I also need to work on the perspective of all the objects + ensure the shadows are consistent. I need to erase the visible writing. I also need to add cast shadows to the bees. I am also unsure as to the background yet but that is a work in progress. I need to make adjustments e.g brightness, contrast, levels etc.

Buzzy Bee Progress



work in progress

The following are very basic concept sketches …
Concept 1:

concept 1NOTES:
An eye peering through venetian blinds in the pacific. The venetian blinds will be integrated into longitude and latitude lines made up of wires + NO8 wires (synonymous with Kiwi ingenuity). Need to take a picture of: an eye, venetian blinds, wires + a globe. I will need to do a lot of cloning + warping of the globe to make the pacific take up the entire space.

Concept 2:
concept 2NOTES: Buzzy bees (iconically kiwi, and synonymous with nostalgia) carrying out surveillance over the Pacific. I would need to take various pictures of buzzy bees and different angles, then warp and resize them. The surveillance grid would be made out of No.8 wires. Take pictures of: Buzzy Bee, No8. Wire + other wires, globe.  I may place the globe in a minimal domestic setting (something from a Frankie or Kinship magazine) to drive home the idea of an insidious underbelly on the home front.

Concept 3:
concept 3

NOTES: A shadowy face, emphasis on the eyes peering through Venetian blinds that will slowly transform into Palm leaves. Need to work on the NZ aspect. I like the idea of turning the Iron Curtain into the Palm Curtain of spying. Photos that need to be taken are Palm leaves, Venetian blinds with eyes staring through. I want to create a noir inspired, perhaps chiaroscuro design. Will integrate some 60s spy design into it.

Concept 4:

concept 4NOTES: A figure (perhaps in a business suit) standing on NZ, casts a net (made up of a network of wires, including the No. 8) over the Pacific. I will need to do a lot of cloning + warping of the globe to make the pacific take up the entire space.

Concept 5:

concept 5
NOTES: A buzzy bee with an eye on its underbelly, spies on the Pacific. The Buzzy Bee, being synonymous with nostalgia and innocence is transformed into something malign, in a sense it is also NZ political transformation. Will create data lines from No.8 wire. Will need photos of a buzzy bee, an eye, a globe and No.8 wire.


work in progress


The article I have chosen specifically focuses on new allegations (although not so new now) that New Zealand’s GCSB are conducting mass surveillance on Pacific countries. It goes on to discuss the usual political ping pong commentary, ‘He lied’ and ‘I didn’t lie’ etc. The article engenders the idea that New Zealand is playing the double agent, representing the Pacific in the UNSC and then ‘selling’ them out to the ‘Five Eyes’ club.

The articles wispy attempt to represent a balanced opinion on the subject, is jaded by it’s desire to indulge in the lucrative sensationalism of little ole’ New Zealand involved in something out of cold war novel. I want to create an image that simulates this redressing of banal New Zealand into a thrilling tale of espionage. My inspiration will come from 60s spy posters, book covers, and cold war art, specifically focussing on geometrical shaping, simplicity, and color blocking. I am going to focus on incorporating iconography synonymous with New Zealand and spying,  depending on what I decide in the end, this could include: eyes, cameras, our flag, the globe, the Skytower, perhaps the buzzy bee(?)

The article is seething with information, however, the dominant idea is that New Zealand has been accused of spying on the Pacific. I want to follow the Gestalt principal that ‘The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts,’ so there needs to be an alliance of elements i.e dominance, to highlight the buzzwords of the article, making the image instantly recognizable as a whole. I also acknowledge that this article highlights the multifaceted complexities of this issue, and so while I want a powerful ‘whole’ image, I also want to incorporate smaller details that allude to the undercurrents, the subtle themes of this saga i.e moral obligations, betrayal of neighbors, Orwellian similarities, how John Key is a slippery snake-toothed liar (probably not the last one, even though it’s true).

I want to create an American Beauty type thing–an image that is simple and arresting from the outset, but when you LOOK CLOSER it’s an intricate beauty.